About Us


Windward Studio is a family-owned business.  We purchased all rights to manufacture our unique windmills in 2013.  Because of our quality, professionalism and being known for our work ethic and honesty, we began selling these beautiful works of art almost immediately.

Our client base has grown substantially since we began, which includes a large portion of repeat customers. These repeat clients have become our best advertising.

We made a decision when we first began to always plan for the long-term. A long-term commitment means continued investments in personnel, training and equipment. You can rest assured we will be here next week after your project is complete or product is purchased. Our lifeblood is our clients and that is where we make the greatest commitment of all.

As you travel across Missouri you are bound to see one of our decorative wind spinners in front of a family home or rural business. You will find these wind sculptures all around Branson Missouri, up and down I-44, around St. Louis, Kansas City and everywhere in between.

The Missouri Wind Spinner has been referred to as a Large Stainless Steel Windmill, Wind Sculpture or Decorative Windmill but it is much more than that. It is a work of art for your front yard. We are proud to build something that will be handed down from generation to generation and we think about that with everyone we produce.

Call 417-718-6659 to put your Missouri Wind Spinner on order or if you have any question please feel free to contact us also. We will do everything we can to answer any of your questions.

Thank you can God Bless.

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